Let the beauty of your decking shine through
Restore your garden paving to “as new”
Make your patio clean, safe and BBQ ready

Decking and patio cleaning

Decking and patios help divide up your garden into different zones making gardens really interesting and special places to be.

Frustratingly the UK climate and things like blocked gutters means they need regular and through cleaning to stop them becoming quite dangerous. Algae, moss and lichen tend to build up on them, and rotting plant material from things like fallen leaves create a thin layer that is as slippy as ice when wet.

At TW Drive Revive Northampton we can help “revive” your decking or patio. Our high powered pressure washing system will blast away all the dirty and grime that collects on your decking and patios leaving them safe and clean again. Special features built into patios and landscaped areas are no problem and can be revived to look like they were just installed.

Because our decking cleaning system only uses water you’ve no need to worry about damage to plant life or nasty chemicals causing problems for your children and pets.

Drives & Paths

Make your block paving look as good as new with our professional drive cleaning service


Decking & Patios

Turn your slippery green decking and patios into the beautiful garden feature they used to be.


Gutters & drains

Our powerful system allows us to clean your blocked gutters without even needing a ladder


Commercial & Carparks

Create a positive first impression of your company with clean carparks and safe paths