Our drive, path and patio cleaning process

Free site assessment

Everyone job is different. We like to meet with every new client to introduce ourselves, discuss your needs and advise you on the best options for your project. We will perform a full site assessment to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible and provide you with a FREE no obligation quote.

Drive preparation

Some projects will benefit from treating them with an industrial weed killer to eliminate any weed growths. This makes the cleaning process much easier and quicker. It can also help to restrict future weed growth which means less regular maintenance is required and there is less risk damage to your paved areas by plant life.

High pressure washing

We clean your driveway or paved area using our award winning high pressure rotary cleaning equipment. It blasts away weeds, dirt and grime without spraying the mess everywhere like a traditional pressure restoring block paving and patio to as good as new.

Clean and treat

We completely clean up and remove any waste created during the drive cleaning process. We can then spray your hard surfaces with a moss & algae treatment to kill off any remaining moss & algae spores which might be left help prevent future re-growth and keep down your cleaning costs.


Once your block paving or patio has been cleaned we fill any joints with kiln dried sand to help stabilise and prevent them from moving. To give the best result it is important this is brushed in completely dry, and sometimes this may be completed the following day after the cleaned drive or path has fully dried.

Drive sealing

To reduce the need for annual cleaning you can have your drive chemically sealed with acrylic or urethane sealants. It helps to make your paving less porous reducing the risk of stains and build up of algae. It also improves look of your drive by giving it a permanent sheen and ultimate curb appeal.

Drives & Paths

Make your block paving look as good as new with our professional drive cleaning service


Decking & Patios

Turn your slippery green decking and patios into the beautiful garden feature they used to be.


Gutters & drains

Our powerful system allows us to clean your blocked gutters without even needing a ladder


Commercial & Carparks

Create a positive first impression of your company with clean carparks and safe paths