Free flowing gutters. No ladders and no mess
Jet away your drainage problems
Refresh your UPVC cladding and facias

Gutter cleaning, Drain Jetting and UPVC cladding cleaning

During the autumn and winter months Northampton’s beautiful trees shed their foliage giving us beautiful shades of red and orange all over the countryside……and an awful lot of fallen leaves.

Often all these leaves get blown up on to, or land on, our roofs and are eventually washed down by the rain into our gutters, and there they stay! The damp leaves stick to the plastic guttering and clog it up. After time it biodegrades and creates a fantastic place for moss and even sometimes grass to grow. This is great for the plants but not good for your house.

Block gutters cause all sorts of problem from damp walls to damaged and slippy drives, patios and decking. Cleaning them yourself is messy, dangerous, and when the blockage is over things like a conservatory, even sometimes impossible.

We use a high powered vacuum system which sucks up all the dirt and blockage rather than just knocking it out on the floor, it includes a camera system meaning we can check the gutters before and after from the safety of the ground, and you can rest assured everything has been done to the best possible quality. Our extendable pole system can reach up to 4 storeys, so there’s no risk of ladders being rested on or damaging your property, and things like conservatories or out buildings which can make the guttering hard to reach with traditional methods present no problem at all.

Other services

High pressure drain jetting

Traditional drain rods often don’t properly clean drainage problems. Our cleaning system includes a high pressure drain jetting system which can blast away blockages properly and reach further than your average collection of drain rods.

The high pressure pipe system gets past bends and breaks down material that may have got stuck in your drain….and the best part is you don’t have get dirty!

External UVPC ladding and fascia cleaning

The external fascia of houses is often overlooked but actually performs a really important role in keeping your house protected from the weather and when clean can make a huge difference to the kerb appeal of a property.

If you’re looking to sell or just spruce up your Northampton home we can also offer a cladding cleaning service to wash away the dirt and grime that builds up on UPVC cladding from traffic and air pollution.

Drives & Paths

Make your block paving look as good as new with our professional drive cleaning service


Decking & Patios

Turn your slippery green decking and patios into the beautiful garden feature they used to be.


Gutters & drains

Our powerful system allows us to clean your blocked gutters without even needing a ladder


Commercial & Carparks

Create a positive first impression of your company with clean carparks and safe paths