Make your drive look as good as new
Blast away troublesome weeds for clear beautiful paths
Create safe steps free from slippy algae

Drive, path and block paving cleaning

Block paving looks fantastic when first installed, but the Northamptonshire weather really doesn’t help it stay that way. We know your drives and paths probably represented a significant financial commitment, so its frustrating when they don’t look their best anymore.

Over time weeds and grass germinate in the cracks between block paving, and damp conditions can cause algae and moss to grow especially when gutters get blocked and leak. Add to this rubber from car tyres and a few spillages when you’re refilling your oil and screen wash or the odd leak, and it doesn’t take long for your once beautiful drive to start looking a real mess.

As a family run business we know there are better things to do with your weekends and evenings than standing your path getting soaking wet trying too blast all the years of grime with domestic pressure washer. Our amazing team can offer a full drive and path restoration service with any of this hassle….or wet trousers!

How our drive cleaning system works

We use petrol powered pressure high pressure water washers that are up to 5 times the power of the water of standard jet washers.

Because our drive cleaning system uses rotary head cleaners its doesn’t leave the “striping” effect like domestic jet washers and restores your external hard surfaces making them look as good as new.

We are able to clean many kinds of surfaces including block paving, concrete, paving slabs, decking, and both natural or re-constituted stone and offer a variety of paving clean options including re-sealing to help keep them clean.

Drives & Paths

Make your block paving look as good as new with our professional drive cleaning service


Decking & Patios

Turn your slippery green decking and patios into the beautiful garden feature they used to be.


Gutters & drains

Our powerful system allows us to clean your blocked gutters without even needing a ladder


Commercial & Carparks

Create a positive first impression of your company with clean carparks and safe paths